Excerpts from "Music for Ballet Lovers"   バレエラバーズのサンプル音楽

Yoshi Gurwell, Ballet Pianist, Ballet Music Designer and Arranger
ヨシ・ガーウェル、バレエピアニスト、バレエ音楽デザイナー & アレンジャー

Yoshi Gurwell is a Ballet Pianist, Ballet Music Designer and Arranger based in Los Angeles. She has done a series of piano pieces, from well-known ballets, for Etoile Publishing in Tokyo Japan. She has also released a ballet class CD series, entitled Music for Ballet Lovers. Yoshi and her husband, Doug have published a piano music book together for the ballet classes, too.

Yoshi currently plays at the ABT Gillespie School with Artistic Director Alaine Haubert at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa. Yoshi remains in an on-going position at The Wooden Floor in Santa Ana, as well as Westside Ballet in Santa Monica, and has returned, by invitation of Artistic Director Tita Boulger, to Peninsula School of Performing Arts.

She can also be found playing at various special events, such as summer intensives for Joffrey West, RAD, SAB for young dancers at Maple Conservatory in Irvine, plus master classes with many former dancers and current dancers at Maple Conservatory, Corona Dance Academy, San Pedro City Ballet, Long Beach Ballet, LA Ballet, and more...

Yoshi has done master classes with ABT dancers Gelsi Kirkland, Susan Jaffe. Melissa Hale Cole, Vladimir Malakhov, Ethan Stiefel, Misty Copeland, Paloma Herrera, and Melissa Bowman, as well as Alex Moskalenko, Alexander Grechenko, Gennadi and Larissa Saveliev from the Bolshoi Ballet, Yuri Fateyev, Acting Director of The Marlinsky Ballet, Yvonne Mounsey, Colleen Neary, Patricia Neary, Suki Shore, Darci Kesler, Katrina Killian from New York City Ballet, Russian National Ballet Foundation Artistic Director,Valery Lantratov, and Adam Sklute, Artistic Director of Ballet West. She had the pleasure of working with world-renowned choreographer William Forsyth at USC Kaufman School of Dance. Yoshi worked for many years as a ballet accompanist at major universities, including, UCI, CSULB, Chapman Univ., LMU, OCC and USC Kaufman School of Dance.

Yoshi continues to work creatively with her musician husband, Doug, designing, composing, recording, and producing music for the dance world.

Yoshi ヨシ・ガーウェルはロスアンジェルスをベースに活躍中のバレエピアニスト、バレエ音楽デザイ ナーそしてアレンジャーです。彼女は日本のエトワール出版でのバレエ・ピアノピースシリーズ のアレンジを手がけています。また、彼女自身のシリーズでのバレエクラスCD、ミュージック・フォー・バレエ・ラバーズをリリースしています。このシリーズの中からヨシと夫でミュージ シャンのダグとの共同作品ミュージック・フォー・バレエ・ラバーズ、第6巻で、バレエクラス ピアノ楽譜も出版しています。

ヨシは2015年秋,開講されたABTガレスピースクールの校長であるアレイン・ハルベルト女 史のお勧めをいただきピアニストをしている他、サンタモニカのウエストサイド・スクール・オブ・バレエ、サンタ・アナ市にあるスタジオ、ザ・ウドゥン・フロアー、以前お仕事させていただい ていたダンススタジオ、ペニンスラ・スクール・オブ・アーツの芸術監督ティータ・ボウジャーに招 かれバレエクラスのピアニストをしています。

夏のイベントではジョフリー・ウエスト、RAD、SABヤングダンサーの為のインテンシブ、 他。またダンサー、元ダンサーとのマスタークラスもメープル・コンサバトリー、コロナ・ダン ス・アカデミー、サン・ペドロ・シティー・バレエ、他、多くのスタジオから招かれています。

ヨシはここ10数年バレエピアニストとして色々な大学のダンス学部でもお仕事をしてきまし た。UCアーバイン、カリフォルニア州立大学ロングビーチ校、チャップマン大学、ロイヤルメ リーマウント大学、そして南カリフォルニア大学コッフマン・スクール・オブ・ダンスではダンス 界の著名振付師、ウイリアム・フォーサイス氏とお仕事させていただきました。

ヨシがこれまでにマスタークラスでご一緒させていただいた中には、ゲルシー・カークランド、スーザン・ジェフィー、メリッサ・パロマ・ヘレラ、メリッサ・ボーマン、アレクシー・モスカレ ンコ、アレキザンダー・グレチェンコ、ジェナーディ・レリッサ・ボーマン、アレクシー・モスカレンコ、アレキザンダー・グレチェンコ、ジェナーディ・レリッサ・サベリウフご夫妻、ユーリ・ファ ティエフ、イボンヌ・マウンジ、コリーン・ニアリー、パトリシア・ニアリー、スキ・ショアー、 ダーシー・キスラー、カトリーナ・キリアン、バレリー・ラントラトフ、アダム・スクルート、など 他多数。

ヨシはこれからも大好きなバレエクラスで毎日ピアニストをさせていただきながら夫でミュー ジシャンであるダグと共にダンス界に音楽をクリエイティブし続けていきます。

Yoshi and Doug Gurwell Yoshi and Doug

Recording at Song-Haven Studios,
Tujunga CA

recording heaven

Music Publications / 出版物のご紹介

Piano Music Book available at: www.Asgardprod.com, Danceables, BalletShopEtoile.net

ピアノ楽譜はこちらで購入できます:バレエショップエトワール、www.Asgardprod.com, Danceables ,BalletShopEtoile.net

Piano Music Book Piano music - Music For Ballet Lovers, Vol. 6 Gorgeous Moments

Gorgeous Moments is original music designed and composed specifically for classes, in the general order of a ballet class, with enough options to have music for each exercise, regardless of the level being taught or style of instructor.

This is an excellent resource for the pianist, regardless of experience, to use to play for ballet. It unlocks the secrets of how to choose appropriate music for any point in the lesson, plus gives the pianist a better view of music from other sources that would also be appropriate. There are many short, but extremely important ideas revealed on each song that will be an additional insight into any questions the pianist may have about successfully playing for a lesson.

ピアノ楽譜 - ミュージック・フォー・バレエ・ラバーズ、第6巻、ゴージャス・モーメンツ

”ゴージャス・モーメンツ” ゴージャスモーメンツはバレエクラスのために作曲されたオリジナル曲です。バレエの クラスでのエクササイズ、順序にもとずき、いろいろなスタイルのバレエインストラク ターに対応できる十分な曲で構成されています。 ピアニストの経験の有る無しに関わらずバレエのために演奏するピアニストにとってこれほど嬉しい 教本はないと思います。レッスンにおいてその都度必要な音楽の秘訣とポイントが導か れていますのでレパートリーの選び方もよりクリアになると思います。加えて、各曲ご とに大切なアイディアが書かれていますので今までわからなかったことの答えも見つかりピアニストのサクセツにつながるのではないかと思います。

This Etoile ballet piano series, which features popular variations for ballet dancers, was arranged by Yoshi and scored by Doug. These beautiful arrangements can be used for variation classes and also as competition versions.


This series available at: BalletShopEtoile.net


Book image Book image Book image Book image Book image
Vol. 1 Giselle Act 1 Peasant Female solo
Vol. 1 ジゼルアクト1ペザント女性ソロ
Vol. 2 La Esmeralda Female
Vol. 2 ラ・エスメラルダ女性ソロ
Vol. 3 The Sea and Pearl Pas de trois
Vol. 3 海と真珠 パ・デ・トア
Vol. 4 Giselle Act 1 de Giselle solo
Vol. 4 ジゼル アクト1ジゼルソロ
Vol. 5 La Sylphide Act 1 & 2 Male solos
Vol. 5 ラ・シル フィードアクト1&2 メイルソロ
Book image Book image Book image Book image
Vol. 6 Raymonda Act 1 Raymonda solo
Vol. 6 ライモン ダ アクト1ライモンダソロ
Vol. 7 Sleeping Beauty Act 1 Aurora solo
Vol.7 眠れる森の美女アクト1オーロラソロ
Vol. 8 Sleeping Beauty Act 3
Bluebird Pas de Deux
Vol. 8 眠れる森の美女アクト3
Vol. 9 Swan Lake Act 3 Black Swan Pas de Deux
with additional by Grigorovic
Vol. 9 白鳥の湖第3幕黒鳥パ・ デ・デュ2曲の女性ソロ

Recordings / アルバムのご紹介

Click titles to hear samples on CD Baby / アルバムのタイトルをクリックするとCD Babyから全曲サンプルが聴けます。

Music for Ballet Lovers-vol 8, CD cover Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 8, Gorgeous Moments II

Vol. 8 contains 40 original songs like Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 6. I designed the musical direction of each song, which were then composed by my husband, Doug Gurwell. It is my belief that famous classics, beautiful ballet music, and other popular songs are all fine for ballet classes, but sometimes it is nice to have fresh music, with gorgeous melodies and fun rhythms. This has been the beginning of Gorgeous Moments, where teachers and dancers could enjoy doing ballet to almost any genre of music. Please enjoy the happiness of dancing with Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 8, around the world.
Review from 4 Dancers.org

ミュージック・フォー・バレエラバーズ第8巻、ゴージャス・モーメンツ II


Review from 4 Dancers.org


Music for Ballet Lovers-vol 7, CD cover Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 7,
Precious Holiday Moments

This is my dream ballet class CD, which I've wanted to record for some time. This CD, full of precious music, is meant to open like a Christmas card from someone very special. This is the CD, for both teachers and students who are tired of Nutcracker music, or love Nutcracker music. In Act 1, for Barre, 20 songs. I used Original Christmas Music. In Act 3, for Center, 11 songs used Traditional Christmas Music. In both cases, I arranged the music to be fun for the teacher and dancer. You might say it's a bit of ballet spice with some Christmas cheer. In Act 2, for Center, 18 tunes, I put my uniquely-arranged Nutcracker Music, even knowing teachers and students might think they're tired of it. However, I'm sure everyone will say, wow, this is so much fun to use in my class. I integrated more than 30 musical scenes, changing original styles or tempos, to achieve this really fun style. Vol. 7 is precious for all, children to adults, pre-ballet to advanced for classes during the holidays!
Review from 4 Dancers.org


クリスマス・クラスCDは誰か特別な人からのクリスマスカードを開くようなイメージ、素敵な曲、愉快で楽しい曲をめいっぱい詰め込みました。 くるみ割り人形の曲はもううんざり、いえ、くるみ割り人形の曲が大好きという全く異なる両サイドの先生方や生徒さんたちにもぴったりのCDです。 アクト1バーのためのオリジナル・クリスマスソング20曲、アクト3センターのための伝統的クリスマスソング11曲も私の豪快なアレンジでバレエスパイスを利かせたクリスマス・バレエ風味に仕上げました。また、アクト2センターのための曲、18曲、くるみ割り人形、これはもう聴きたくないのと言う先生方にもこんな感じならクラスで使ってみたいと思っていただけるよう30シーン以上の曲からオリジナルのスタイルやテンポにとらわれず自由に楽しいアレンジを心がけました。 第7巻はクリスマスシーズン子供から大人まで、プリ・バレエからアドバンスまでプレッシャスなバレエクラスに欠かせないクラスCDです!

Review from 4 Dancers.org

Music for Ballet Lovers-vol 6, CD cover Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 6
Gorgeous Moments

Volume 6, subtitled Gorgeous Moments, is a real treat, plus a temporary departure from my usual use of music from well-known ballets. Included are many selections that were written with traditional ballet in mind, including beautiful waltzes, dramatic tangos and adagios, plus fun allegros composed in varied styles, such as ragtime, dixieland, and island beats, that incorporate wonderful melodies and fun rhythms. This truly inspiring music was composed entirely by composer and jazz pianist, Doug Gurwell.
This CD has 40 tracks that can be used, as all my CDs are designed, for instruction of ballet classes of all levels. There are 23 selections for the barre, and 17 for center exercises, with many choices to adapt to various teaching styles. I’m sure you’ll find Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 6 very motivating, so have gorgeous classes with this CD.



Music for Ballet Lovers-vol.5, CD cover Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 5

Since Vol.4, highlighted female variations, I decided that Vol. 5, should feature male variations for ballet class. There are so many beautiful melodies from male variations, so I arranged them in various styles. For example, strong waltzes can be adapted for such selections such as adagio, rond de jambe, or stretch adagio. I feel that the male variations should have a strong image, yet remain gentle, romantic, and elegant. I recorded as many tunes as I could fit on this CD, so please enjoy the music and have a wonderful class!

PS: #1Warm-up and #2 Plies songs were composed by my husband, Doug Gurwell, in commemoration of the many tragedies that have occurred over the past decade, most recently the terrible earthquake in Japan, and the devastating tornados recently in the US. As artists, we feel compelled to show our sympathy for those who have suffered greatly from these natural disasters. It is always our hope that the world should some day be at peace with itself.




Music for Ballet Lovers-vol.4, CD cover Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 4

This CD was released in early March, 2011. As I usually do on my CDs, I put as many songs on Vol. 4 as possible. There are 52 tunes, 37 for ballet class, and 15 for pointe class. All the tunes are performed by solo piano this time. While the focus of Vol. 4 is more towards Girls' exercises, and pointe, it can just as easily be used for regular ballet classes , too, the same as my previous 3 Volumes. Please enjoy the multitude of arrangements I've created. Hopefully, dancers will feel the energy and elegance of this romantic and dramatic CD while engaged in ballet class.



Music for Ballet Lovers-vol.3, CD cover 3Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol.3

I’ve recorded 77 songs for this double CD. There are more of my favorite classical tunes, plus fun folk songs, marches, and jazzy music. CD #1 has 37 tunes for barre by piano solo, and CD #2 has 35 tunes for center by piano solo, and also 5 bonus piano tracks, with trumpet. There are so many ways to use these CDs for various kinds of classes, so, take your time and have fun setting up many of your own routines.



Music for Ballet Lovers-vol.2, CD cover Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 2

40 beautiful ballet selections, for ballet & pas de deux classes. 26 piano solo, and 14 piano with trumpet or flugelhorn. It’s getting really popular! Still one of my favorite CDs. So, sometimes I really want to listen to it. Many beautiful classics from composers of several eras. 33 songs for Barre and Center, 7 songs for Pas de Deux routines. 


とても素敵なバレエ音楽から40曲選びクラスで使いやすいようにアレンジしました。そのうち 26曲はピアノソロですが14曲はピアノとトランペットまたはピアノとフルーゲルホルンのデュオです。第2巻も人気急上昇で、日本でも人気があるとお聞きしています。いまも私の大好きなシリーズの1枚です。今でも時々すごく聴きたくなるアルバムです。多くの素敵なクラッシックを時代の違う作曲家からセレクトしました。33曲をバーとセンターのために、7曲はパ・デ・デューのためのルーティーンです。

Music for Ballet Lovers, CD cover Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol.1

My debut ballet class CD, and still the most popular. No wonder, I still use this music often for auditions, mid-terms, and finals at Universities. Full of my favorite classic selections. 35 tunes by piano solo, one special tune features piano & trumpet duo, 21 for Barre and 15 for Center.



Music for Ballet Lovers CDs are available for purchase at these websites:


Asgard Productions
Jay Distributers
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Kimbo educational music and movement for children
Roper Records - Ballet music
Music for Ballet Lovers - series, at CD Baby
日本でバレエ・ラバーズ全巻取り扱ってくださっているバレエショップ、エトワール。ここではエトワール出版バレエ・ピアノピース・シリーズも始めました。 探してもなかなか見つからないバレエのバリエーションの曲を、エトワールが選び、その曲を私がピアノ用にアレンジさせていただいています。ほしかった楽譜が見つかるかもしれません。ぜひ、チェックしてみてくださいね!今、見つからなくてもがっかりしないで、まだまだ続くシリーズです...

Ballet Shop Etoile, in Japan, carries there own ballet piano music. I arranged these pieces at their request, so people could enjoy playing hard-to-find music from the ballet world. They are under the name of Ballet Piano Piece Series, from Etoile Publishing. Please check this out. Maybe you can find the music you're looking for. Please be patient, more are coming...

Ballet Shop Etoile

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